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Hi, I’m Sara Sheikh!


Everyone has that entrepreneurial spark within them and you have it too. Our multi-dimensional strategy can help you ignite that spark, scale up your business, and fast-track your growth.

With more than 25 years of corporate experience, I grew my first business to six-figure revenue within the first 18 months. Today, I manage a successful coaching business while running a fashion boutique for modest women.

I am committed to coach the next generation of courageous risk-takers who know how to dream beyond the usual.

The box is dead. It’s not enough to think outside of it.

I know the path. I have lived it. Breathed it. Crawled and squirmed through it. It’s not easy but you are not here looking for easy. You’re here to seek someone who can blow a new life into your dream. I know how to get there.

And if you let me, I will help you how.

Gone are the days when you’re getting too overwhelmed in achieving your dreams. With agile and interactive goal tracking and accountability software and an easy-to-follow workflow, you’re on your way to achieving your big milestones.

Together, we’ll create a viable strategic plan that is logical and aligned with your business goals and dreams.

Are you ready to create results in RECORD time without the guesswork?


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Web Development | Funnel Design | Email Marketing

We treat your business as if it was our own. 


So, let us help you set up your SALES funnels that will attract potential buyers/clients, webinar participants, inviting them to make purchases or attend your webinars, and then leading them through a process towards your objective.

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How can we help?

Growth & Sales

We help new entrepreneurs build their dream businesses using a proven step-by-step system that will help them generate 6-7 figures without guesswork.

Launch Success

We will customize your launch success by defining actionable objectives, risk assessment, and failure mitigation through different strategies.


Customer Reach

We will increase your visibility by teaching marketing strategies around your business through networking, planning, and developing a sales funnel.


Brand Perception

We will develop a successful brand from the ground up, learning from your audience and cultivating an unforgettable brand identity for your company

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Change Your Money Mindset

Ever Wonder Why Some People Are Rolling in Money, But You Aren’t?

A lot of people don’t know or aren’t aware that having the wrong mindset about money can be the single reason they are not successful in achieving a higher goal!

By getting rid of your fears to invest in your success, you are sending out a vibration of prosperity and also sending the correct message to your brain to treat success and money as a big part of your life.

My ebook will help you achieve that!

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Success Stories

I am very blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to have Sara as my coach. Her entrepreneurial mindset helped me approach my business in different ways. The most important thing was that she helped me realize how much I was capable of doing on my own. I especially appreciate her persistence in helping me recognize my goals. Sara works with you side by side to implement what you learn instead of leaving you on your own.


Sara is a great coach, mentor and marketing guru. I originally came to her looking for help with marketing for my Real Estate business, but I ended up receiving so much more.

If you need guidance, mentorship, help with business structure, marketing, and branding then Sara is your girl!

She will not disappoint.


When it comes to getting down to business, preforming w/ focus, and executing w/ class, Sara is the one.  We have worked together on several business journeys for the past 6 years. Her years of experience of juggling her full time job as an engineer for one of the top government defense companies, along with managing multiple businesses (not to mention raising her beautiful family); all have made her into the superwoman she is. 


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